By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Most people associate the concept of well being with what we eat – only raw and healthy food, according to some terrorists on call. Egg and meat are considered murderers or powerful food, it all depends on the fashion of the moment. It is the modern inquisition: “if you eat things that give you pleasure, you will die!”, “If you drink, you will die”. And so it goes the trail of crime and punishment. If religion can create their own code of conduct and diet, why wouldn’t doctors and naturalists do the same?

Human beings are a machine of pleasure, but we learn with the political power of religion that suffering and restraining our pleasures can be beautiful. Impure souls will burn in the depth of hell, they say. Our creating intelligence must be pretty fool, because it created a being that only wants to have pleasure , but pain and suffering are in fashion. Aren’t we glad to have these smart people who love to determine how others should live? They are just completely incompetent to drive their own lives.

Worshiping idols is just a coward way of not assuming the responsibilities of our lives and let an external consciousness do the task. In fact, every fanatic finds their way of living better than others, without realising, they are one step closer to a depression. We watch yogis and ocidental naturalists all the time living internal conflicts, lacking truth in their routines…how come aren’t they fulfilled in their lives?

Our purpose here is not deprivation but balance. We can learn with a simple observation of the cosmos: after a star explosion in any galaxy, everything goes to harmony. In paradise, everything was possible, the original sin was not eating the prohibited fruit: it was not waiting until it was mature/ripe and allow that someone else drove the desire of the original consciousness.

Forget any invented rule and follow the harmony of nature. Live the truth in search for the best and you will be accomplishing the purpose of your existence.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.