By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

You think that you want to be happy, don’t you? Better yet, you think you DESERVE to be happy. It is funny how we build a belief system, coming from religion, that since we went through tough times, now it is time to go through better episodes.We experienced so many revolutions that keep changing the world towards the best, and yet we still use concepts created when the internet didn’t exist, even worse, when our ancestors saw the world flat.

A drug addict gets a kick out of it and is happy, so why is it that the next moment is filled with emptiness? Well, we all have addictive behaviours that give the same kick as any drug, and that are just as harmful. It can be a constant seek of approval, it can be not knowing how to channel your feelings, it can be trying to drive someone else’s life, you name it.  This is how our survival intelligence works, always seeking a temporary pleasure.

However, we are not only a “fragile” body that acts based on “what will I get from it right now”. We have a creating intelligence that responds to what we manifest with our hardware, our body. It is our “software”, our metaphysical intelligence, that grants a reality.  When we act based on what is best, we get a kick that no drug can do the same for you. It is a permanent pleasure thereafter you will feel, and live a flow of events that match what you manifested.

So you think you want to be happy, but happiness is a consequence, an effect of the choices you make towards your physical and metaphysical integration. There’s no need to hide in a mountain and meditate. In each and every situation we either do what we want or we do what has to be done.

Change now and live a different effect.