By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

How much do you like your car? Enough to supply it with premium fuel? That’s what we do to our lives, and when we least expect, our “machine”, which is our body, needs maintenance. However, taking care of our body is not essentially eating rabbit’s food. We need to cherish and care for our non physical needs.

Bringing joy to our daily lives can be the essential fuel we need, to realize a behavioural change we need to make. Unlike many of us imagine, we are not here to suffer, neither we need to go through a bad period in life to reach serenity. When we compare ourselves to the sea that has storms before the quietness, we forget that the sea does not suffer with anything, not even with the trash we throw at it. As always, our reality is an effect of what we create. If it is dirt what we manifest, we cannot expect a clean return.

When we constantly worry and get anxious with trivial things in life, it will be natural at a certain point, that sadness invades ourselves. Sometimes it can be precious to fake, but the best of all is that it will turn out to become real. The attitude towards everything is what makes the difference.

We should establish a lighter way to look at life, without the dominance of work or being a slave to our jobs. I am not saying the we shouldn’t work. I suggest doing it with quality, with the understanding that any activity, paid for or not, is only a way to exercise the changes we need to make in order to evolve. Bringing good mood, satisfaction and appreciation to our professional routine is the premium fuel to a good life, since it is where we spend most of our time.

Before we need to unblock any vital channel, let’s always use the best fuel: joy.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.