By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

There is a saying, that a man only changes himself, when it hurts less to change, than to stay how he is. Truth be told, we all like to change cars, houses, jobs, wardrobe, etc. Yet, changing our behaviour and attitude is a whole different story. And make no mistake, our addictive behaviours are invisible to our eyes. So one way of seeing ourselves is through the “reflection” of people’s attitudes around us or through the reality presented.

Acting as a victim is the worst addiction of our modern time. It is just as addicting as any super power drug that gets you to sleep at night. An addict tells himself, “just today, I will stay sober” and then repeats this behaviour over and over. For how long? Until it becomes true and natural to stay sober.

Start doing it every time you picture yourself behaving as if the universe is all wrong and nobody understands you, so now you wish to move to Mars. But before you go that far, start with every time you see yourself close to burst into tears, or yell at your boss, or get mad at your kids,  you can tell yourself:  “just this once, I will stay in harmony”. There is a tremendous effort guaranteed, but instead of intoxicating your body with anger and speed up your ageing process, you will assume control of your physical structure, and use it for its purpose. Therefore the others around you , consciously or not, will have no other option but treat you alike: with the same respect you are treating yourself.

Stop responding cowardly to the events you do not like in your life and assume the responsibility by controlling yourself. In the long run, it is one of the ingredients to slow down the consciousness of growing old and wrinkly.

Change now and live a different effect.