By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

Our moral and ethics judge being double faced as a lack of character and a weakness. However, we can observe ourselves and other people around us that most of us have a thousand faces. This is valid for everything: a noble husband that refers to his wife during a speech of unity, but he is incapable of meeting her simple desires at home,or even in acts of charity that sustain the beggar in an inferior condition and the “generous” is the saviour and superior. Obviously, not all husbands that talk about unity are cynical and egocentric, as well as there are many real charities, that are anonymous, with the intention of helping others to get out of the condition they are living.

Another common way of having two faces is when we irresponsibly say that we will do something that we are not so sure of, or worst, when we make a beautiful promise but we think that fulfilling it is optional.  We are always satisfied with everything we say or do, but if someone breaks his/her promises to us, we get pretty upset and offended. The fact is that our physical intelligence leads us into doing anything we want to, even if it means being irresponsible and inconsequent with our words for the momentary pleasure of making the promises.

This comes from a stupid understanding that events in life are random, but in fact, being careless with our words creates little “holes” of emptiness in our metaphysical intelligence. So the purpose is to integrate our physical and metaphysical intelligences in order to always reach a state of fulfilment in the atomic world, the one we live in.

Every time someone breaks a barrier that was previously considered impossible, it is because there is a release of the physical condition. So we transcend barriers that we imposed ourselves. Live up to your words and stop creating barriers to yourself.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.