By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Don’t we just love a common sense on how to see things and follow the rights and wrongs in every situation? The temporary feeling of being right blinds us to see what is best. When we are not feeling so well, we tell ourselves  “I’m gonna get sick”  and moments later we have a cold.

Science knows that  we haven’t changed much genetically compared to our ancestors, our physical intelligence is always in a survival mode. So what has changed since the beginning of time?  Our capacity of creation. Our metaphysical nature responds to the attitudes we take daily. This is not about being positive, because when we say “I am not going to get sick”, what is driving our behaviour is exactly what we don’t want: a consciousness of limitation. The point is to understand our “survival” mode but act in the opposite direction, to act and speak towards what is best. That is the only way we’ll replace the temporary feeling of being right to the permanent feeling of being in control of our desires.

If we get sick or not, we are still the only ones responsible for what we create. So let’s be intelligent and create the consciousness of health. There is no need to get sick to know what it’s best.

Controlling smaller episodes in our lives will make the big one even easier. After all, do we want to be right or do we want to be happy?

Change now and live a different effect.