by Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that know everything and those who want to learn.

A baby is open to learn without any limitation, they want to try out and taste all there is around them, and sometimes it means breaking and harming themselves. There’s no pre-established belief system to interrupt their discoveries. Although it seems that adults know better and should teach their kids, the relationship goes both ways. Therefore, the grown up has a lot to learn with his/her baby since they are not addicted to any moral or social codes. It is us who pollute them with our ignorant beliefs. Life does not work based on our faith.

We grow up, and the illusion of our past experiences prevents us from learning. We need to make a tremendous effort because our physical and conditioned intelligence is inclined to finding excuses or barriers for a moment of relief. That same baby who had no barriers grew up and is now in his twenties, he blames his teacher and his parents for not graduating and achieving his goals. A few years further, the thirty something young adult says the company he works for doesn’t challenge him enough and does not pay what he deserves.

In order to keep learning we need to abandon our “I know what I’m talking about” attitude.  The starting point is to recognise that we are responsible for everything in our lives. Next step is to verify if our choices are in harmony with what we wish to create in our lives and be open to always learn, not with the past, but with our desires, what is permanently best for ourselves.

Change now and live a different effect.