By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Hooray to social media and the Internet that allow us to connect with one another regardless of time and space. Alas, to the immaturity with which we handle it with our addictive, conditioned nature. We are very close to interacting with an artificial intelligence/algorithm that will “read through” our reactions and answer childish alike. Facebook already filters our feed based on our clicks, so we have everything we “need”.

We seek so much approval by exposing our best version in the windows, actually walls, of social media. Everyone is connected but no one really speaks to one another. The latest indispensable tool, selfie stick,  is just another way of not having any real exchange but virtual approval. We are so independent that we no longer need to speak to our neighbor and ask him to take a self-promoting picture of us.

Everything happens in our gadget screens. We have countless likes about our latest test on Buzzfeed. Last time we checked we never made a real friend by telling him routinely about our political beliefs and what cool restaurant we’re visiting at the moment.

The reality always speaks for itself, and so much metaphysical emptiness won’t be compensated with anxiolytics our gurus prescribe. We can keep drinking our green juice, cut gluten from our diets and meditate day in and out, yet none of that will teach us how to gain respect from our loved ones. Tinder won’t show you how to have real encounters and make the disposable relationships turn into grown-up ones. But never mind that, let’s keep up with the trend as an unleashed herd of bewildered animals and tackle situations seeking instant approval. The effects speak for themselves.

Hooray to social media and the Internet that allow us to connect with one another disregarding time and space. But do we really need the Internet to realize we are all connected, or do the real messengers we like and dislike present the evidences?

Change now and live a different effect.