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Photo credits to Ryan McGuire

By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

When we understand and accept that nothing happens by chance, we recognize that the law of Cause and Effect is the only one that governs us and we are ready to assume control over our lives. If we observe and think, it is possible to notice that the things we classify as unpleasant, be that a rude person or a tragedy, is everywhere around us.

In truth, no one believes that human life is getting better. No matter how many technological advances appear, human relations have remained the same since Cain and Abel. The world is so chaotic that it seems easier to blame misfortune on chance.

Nonetheless, the law of Cause and Effect rules everything. Which means: we are responsible for all that happens in our lives. But at the same time, why is it that we are able to achieve certain things and not others? Some moments seem magical; everything works and flows in the direction of our desire. So then it is possible to live a fulfilling life? Of course!

One of the main teachings is to not let ourselves be dominated by our emotions. We want to control our feelings, and that is only possible when we do not behave in accordance to them. In other words, we can have emotions, but should not act on their behalf. What we need to do is accept them, initially, and then not allow them to take control over ourselves.

We are much more than our emotions.

When we govern our lives based on what we feel, we suffer all the time, with expectations that are not fulfilled and frustrations of all sorts. Concentrate on managing your emotions, choosing internal balance, to control the creation of your reality.

Take care of the Cause and control the Effect.

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