By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

We always ponder the options that we have in every situation. We think that we can decide when to do something; the so-called free will. To choose rationally is to act from a conditioned place, the same way that every rational thought only serves to validate our story, making us blind and unable to see the reality at hand – only our references. In truth, we make choices only when we are able to be spontaneous and not use our memory.

It is funny how the Universe works exactly the opposite of our rational and logical mind. Let me explain: when we delay something we know is the best option, we are acting in a robotic way, conditioned by our survival nature.

To postpone something is not an option, it is dumb, because we delay our maturation. We are the creators of our reality, but, when we choose to delay, our future is no longer in our hands. It is as if we reached a point where we lost our chance, a place where there are no more options or possible changes. We will have to live the integral consequence of what we created.

It has nothing to do with opportunity; a limited consciousness and a lie based on morality and ethic codes. If I am the creator of my reality, I can create the opportunity I desire as many times I want. Do not forget, however, of the point of no return. Like when you travel and pass the last gas station and have no more fuel to reach your destination.

Choices only really exist when we act based on our spontaneous desire, with no postponement. Otherwise, the decisions will only be reactive attitudes to the creations of others.

Control your life by making choices before it is too late.

Take care of the cause and control the effect.