By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

Does anyone worry about the integrity of the latest discoveries made by science? “Luck is a bigger factor in cancer development than lifestyle or genetics” is the title of an article I read this year.

On the website Frontiers, “Anti-depressants can cause more depression”.  Indeed, anything you depend on to feel integrated with yourself – be that a drug, a person or a ritual – couldn’t be beneficial in the long term.

The cover of Time magazine in 1984 blamed fat as one of the causes of heart disease. The article said it had to be cut from our diets if we wished to live a longer healthy life. Thirty years later, a big fat surprise: Time released a different story, “Science labeled fat the enemy. Why they were wrong“.

Primitive cultures created a god for each natural phenomenon they couldn’t explain: the god of rain, fire, wind and so forth. One would think that science made religion obsolete by rationally explaining certain events. However, defending a random effect is the same as declaring that there is a force in the universe tilting events in your favor or against it.

We will come across many more controversies in the future only to understand that nothing is pre-established but revealed and conventionalized based on our consciousness – the intelligence behind.

Understanding this infinite intelligence nature and knowing how it works allows us to break any barrier. Even if science “cursed” you with two years of living, that will only happen if you create that intelligence. Stephen Hawking didn’t. Too bad he is still looking for an elegant limited equation that explains the universe, when the answer is infinite as the galaxies expand nonstop.

Take responsibility for everything in your life knowing that the past is limited knowledge; your attitudes now will determine the intelligence of your future reality, so learn with your desire – what is permanently best for you.

Change now and reveal a different effect.