By Diana Morais
Consciousness Coach

People often ask me what they should do to deal with frustrations. Well, let’s just say that if a situation seems frustrating, it is only because you interpreted it that way – it is your view of the bearings and how you would have liked the situation to unfold. But the reality that presents itself is never against you; it is a clear message that you need to do something differently.

Most people live waiting for their big break: ” I should be promoted”, “I should get a raise”, “I should have more responsibilities at work”…The universe doesn’t work based on what we think or what we believe, meaning that we are accountable for everything that happens in our lives.

With that said, we are repetitive creatures. Yes, we present the same behavior over and over again, thinking that we are in control of ourselves. In reality, what really is in control is our conditioned  stubborn nature that carries a memory of the past, of our background and of social and moral codes.

If we were in control, we would love to change because it is the only constant in life. It is the change in our attitudes that allows us to see further and control the effect in our lives, may that be a promotion or a raise. Every day we are dealing with the duality of our natures that some classify as light/dark, positive/negative, Yin/Yang. Metaphysically, that does not make any sense; it is always cause and effect. All the decisions we make are either based on a victim/survival perspective or that of a creator.

So, if the effect you are living is not the best, as Nike puts it, just do it, but, might I add: differently. If your sales aren’t flowing the way you want them to, the “problem” is never physical, but metaphysical – the intelligence behind the situation you are living right now.

Only rush into having patience, because all the atoms fall into place, based on what you manifested with time and space – two components of our three dimensional world.

Change now and live a different effect.