By Ary Alonso Millan(†)

There is nothing more limited than to believe in a life steered by chance. If the tides are low, everything is fine; otherwise, we need to suffer a little bit because that is life.All we need is one important thing to work out for us to believe that we can relax. I mean: since the pressure of that one obstacle is gone, we feel like we can do whatever we want.

But the game of life does not stop – we are either acting in sync with the consciousness of our body, that only seeks immediate results, without questioning the consequences, or we are connected to the intelligence that seeks the best.

What we are unable to notice is the “annoying” law of Cause and Effect. The pressure of that obstacle ended because we had that desire and acted in tune with it.

Life should be filled with pleasure all the time, but in order for that to happen, we need to have the corresponding behavior – which is speaking and acting on behalf of what we want.

Our biggest or only enemy is our indulgent life. We think that if we work a lot and feel very tired, we are doing our part. As if the amount of work we do is the purpose of life. We create a safe conduct because we kill ourselves with work.Actually, if we are working excessively, that just means one thing: excess.

Everything that is in excess is bad for our health; it generates unbalance, and we are beings that need balance and harmony.The trick is to understand the law that governs us, and, with that, always take care of what we are creating. That is how we control what happens in our lives.

Do not speak or do anything without thinking about the future, the repercussion or effect that it could bring. It might seem hard to do so, but it is our nature, it is what we do, we just have to do it consciously.

To end the ups and downs in life, all we need to do is live the present connected to tomorrow – that is our best protection.